Building bold new games with a marketing-first design process.
Our community helps make our games amazing while they’re still being built.

Cerberus Interactive is a mobile games company based in sunny Austin, Texas. With a tight-knit team and a dedication to changing the way we play, Cerberus Interactive takes mobile gaming to the next level at home and around the world. We believe in opening up the development process to the community, allowing them to help shape a game as it’s being built, not modify a game after it’s complete. Our mission is to democratize the way mobile games are designed, starting with our flagship game: Atlas Empires.

We’ve always been fans of games that do something fresh and new. Gamers ourselves, we’ve spent our fair share of time searching for games that push boundaries, and then went a step farther and decided to make our own. At Cerberus Interactive, we feel that taking a creative approach to developing new games and nurturing a community is the ultimate way to shape a gaming studio that builds titles people really can’t wait to play. We leverage our strong community ties to showcase our ideas, and watch as our games take a life of their own. We’re excited to have you along with us on this journey.

Sami Khan & Beau Button, Founders


Spanning multiple states and numerous countries, the Cerberus team is a small but dedicated group of programmers, testers, artists, and gamers driven by and for our love of mobile gaming. From the heart of Texas to the whole of the world, our team strives every day to bring the exciting, wholly unique vision of Atlas Empires to life.