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From the Depths of the Dev Pit

Check back here for more about updates, future development, and other cool projects in the works. It takes a lot to make a game. We’d like to tell you about it!

While we slept snug in our beds early this morning, something exciting was happening in the world of Atlas. That’s right––Atlas Empires has fully launched in Australia! Australia marks a milestone in our rollout process, and is a market we’re excited to jump into. This version––an update for both Alpha testers and our international players––offers … Continue reading Atlas Empires Goes Live in Australia

It may be a dreary February here in Austin, but we’ve got exciting news for the rest of the world: Atlas Empires is going live in India and Indonesia! As version 1.2.18 rolls out to these two new markets, we’re expecting an influx of new players from the far side of the globe. Nothing new … Continue reading We’re Live In India & Indonesia!

It’s here! After nearly two years and hundreds of hours of development, Atlas Empires is live in New Zealand! First of several launch countries, the New Zealand release in late November is the beginnings of a months-long plan to roll out internationally. It’s a long road, but one we’re excited to be starting down, and … Continue reading Atlas Empires is Live in New Zealand!