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Release Notes – V2.10.6

Release Date: June 27, 2020
Version: 2.10.6
Description: This update focuses on updates to the objectives system, bug fixes, and minor visual tweaks.



  • Tweaked troop card padding on scout and battle screen
  • Removed red border around spells
  • “You’ve been raided” screen now shows crown count
  • Updated timing on the objective star animation


  • Implemented new building destruction VFX


Known Bugs

  • Discrepancy with Card Dealer countdown timer causes incorrect countdown time to show upon restarting.
  • Leaderboard loading causes noticeable lag upon entering and exiting the leaderboards menu.
  • Objectives with numbers in the title are missing the ordinal indicator. Restarting fixes this.
  • Certain repeatable objectives show up as numbers instead of as text.
  • Arrows point in the incorrect directions in the tutorial.
  • Attempting to build a Barracks in the tutorial while the Treasury is still under construction stops tutorial progress. Restarting fixes this.
  • Attempting to collect runes from Builder Hut subscription results in the ‘collect’ button not changing until player restarts the game.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed bug where the Mortar purchase button did not work if a player dismissed the Great Hall rune popup during tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where the mortar radius did not visually match in base view
  • Fixed a bug where the objective collection animation would not player if a player restarted the game before opening the objectives screen
  • Fixed a bug where defensive buildings did not show defensive radius in tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where the Builder Hut appeared with its activated VFX even if players had not purchased subscription
  • Fixed a bug where player profile inbox notification were not showing after a player was attacked
  • Fixed a bug where objective stars were not updating until after a player restarts
  • Fixed a bug where objective star animation got stuck if a player collected objectives reward chest before checkmark animations finish
  • Fixed a bug where not using runes to complete the Great Hall upgrade caused player to get stuck in tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where the Mortar’s inner radius was not working
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