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Release Notes – V2.12.20

Release Date: July 21, 2020
Version: 2.12.20
Description: This update includes an update to the chest collection flow, a shortened tutorial, and bug fixes.



  • Updated the Apple login button on iOS
  • Updated function button icons
  • Updated the flow of chest collection
  • Modified the click behavior of chests during collection
  • Modified the “Upgrade Unlocks” section of the Great Hall upgrade menu
  • Adjusted visuals for tall device screens
  • Modified the “starting battle” headers in tutorial
  • Updated red dialogue text when Barracks is at capacity
  • Updated Raider sound effects
  • Updated when the chest items count bubble appears during chest collection


  • Introduced a Shop button in Base View
  • Set up Great Hall fanfare to show unlocked buildings after leveling up
  • Designed outpost information screen dialogue
  • Implemented Great Hall fanfare sound effects
  • Implemented updated chest collection sequence
  • Implemented spell sound effects
  • Implemented spell drop delay
  • Implemented shortened tutorial


Known Bugs

  • Discrepancy with Card Dealer countdown timer causes incorrect countdown time to show upon restarting.
  • Leaderboard loading causes noticeable lag upon entering and exiting the leaderboards menu.
  • Objectives with numbers in the title are missing the ordinal indicator. Restarting fixes this.
  • Certain repeatable objectives show up as numbers instead of as text.
  • Arrows point in the incorrect directions in the tutorial.
  • Attempting to build a Barracks in the tutorial while the Treasury is still under construction stops tutorial progress. Restarting fixes this.
  • Attempting to collect runes from Builder Hut subscription results in the ‘collect’ button not changing until player restarts the game.
  • Clicking the ‘Events’ button when a red alert icon is present results in all UI disappearing. Restarting fixes this.
  • Attempting to open a chest in Map View can intermittently result in chest freezing.
  • Base View buttons can vanish if a player taps the Profile button during the last step of the tutorial before dismissing dialogue and then attempting to return to Base View. This bug is rare––if experienced, please report. Restarting fixes this.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug where arrows pointed at a player’s base instead of barbarian base in tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect upgrade art showed for the level 9 Lumber Yard
  • Fixed a bug where the army menu was scrolling incorrectly when scouting for battle
  • Fixed a bug where the Dragon turned back after destroying a building
  • Fixed a bug where the Card Dealer would freeze after purchasing a second card
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to build a Fence without enough wood resulted in a floating connector
  • Fixed a bug where being in the shop when the Great Hall finishes upgrading forced player to toggle between the level-up fanfare and shop menu
  • Fixed a bug where buying another card at the Card Dealer revealed the next card early
  • Fixed a bug where the intro music would stop abruptly during loading
  • Fixed a bug where no dismissing the Card Dealer’s dialogue in the tutorial causes it to remain even after Card Dealer scene has completed
  • Fixed a bug where gold would show twice when collecting from a chest
  • Fixed a bug where the Mortar radius did not match visually
  • Fixed a bug where tapping quickly through a chest opening animation would yield a second chest
  • Fixed a bug where the global resource bars appeared during the shop chest opening sequence
  • Fixed a bug where the chest opening sequence in base view overlapped the objectives menu
  • Fixed a bug where inbox messages only appeared after a player restarted the game
  • Fixed a bug where the “card upgradeable” banner appeared before opening a chest
  • Fixed a bug where the Great Hall fanfare screen was missing the unlocked buildings after leveling up
  • Fixed a bug where the profile alert icon stuck to the camera layer during transitions
  • Fixed a bug where the epic and legendary chests froze when purchased from the shop
  • Fixed a bug where the gold bar was not showing correct capacity during chest collection
  • Fixed bug where button taps were delayed while opening chests
  • Fixed a bug where rapidly tapping the screen would case the tutorial to freeze
  • Fixed a bug where attempting to build the Barracks in the tutorial before the Treasury finished building resulted in the game freezing
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