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Release Notes v2.6.107 – Early Access

Release Date: April 26, 2020
Version: 2.6.107 – Early Access

This update is dedicated to bug fixes and improvements to the ad boost system.



  • Implemented new loading screen artwork
  • Implemented new info screen overlay for buildings whose resource generation has been boosted
  • Implemented ad boost confirmation popup
  • Implemented building boosted VFX


  • Updated Great Hall level up screen
  • Updated the battle view and battle preview UI


Known Bugs

  • Red alert icons missing from certain menus
  • Game does not always update after building/purchasing/leveling up –– restarting will fix this
  •  Avatar portrait does not always match avatar player picked
  • Boost function button on the Lumber Mill, Stone Quarry, and Great Hall doesn’t update after the active timer runs out
  • Structure title of Barrel Rocket, Stone Quarry, Eagle Temple and Lumber Mill missing second half of title when highlighted
  • Some chests on Map View freeze and/or lag when openedRed alert icons missing from certain menus
  • Using spells in battle can cause resource and troop discrepancies after battle ends
  • Enemy bases show resources stored in incorrect buildings, resulting in resource discrepancies after battle

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed bug where the Great Hall Fanfare triggered when player entered Base View a second time
  • Fixed bug where objective banners complete multiple times in objective menu
  • Fixed text typos present in tutorial
  • Fixed bug where option to use runes to finish building erroneously showed cost of 0 runes
  • Fixed bug where resource bars did not match actual resource capacity
  • Fixed bug where boost button did not change when resource generation is boosted
  • Fixed bug where objective arrow in tutorial failed to persist
  • Fixed bug where boosted production rates were not showing from info screens
  • Fixed bug where resource bar values were inconsistent during tutorial scouting and battle
  • Fixed bug where building complete alert appeared twice
  • Fixed bug where Build Menu art and text scaled incorrectly on certain devices
  • Fixed bug where objectives cleared upwards instead of to the side once completed
  • Fixed bug where Finish button remained on screen even after after building completed
  • Fixed bug where wood and stone production was not boosted after watching an ad
  • Fixed bug where the Builder Hut subscription description was missing in the shop menu
  • Fixed bug where “Claim Reward” text did not appear near the reward chest after completing all the objectives
  • Fixed a bug where certain objective banners would lag in the tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where ‘Continue’ button on Great Hall level up screen could not be clicked
  • Fixed bug where a yellow shadow was visible behind items in the Build Menu
  • Fixed a bug where red alert notification icons were not functioning
  • Fixed a bug where objectives banner caused a checkpoint blocker in tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where Card Dealer scene scaled incorrectly on larger screens
  • Fixed a bug where certain objective arrows were missing in tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where the citizen collection animation failed
  • Fixed a bug where victory screen placement/scaling was incorrect on larger screens
  • Fixed a bug where the Great Hall was missing from the Great Hall level up screen
  • Fixed a bug where chests from map view appeared with a double image
  • Fixed bug where Notification Permission Dialog showed too early in tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where resource bars all showed the same capacity/production rate
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