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Release Notes v2.8.10 – Early Access

Release Date: May 23, 2020
Version: 2.8.10 – Early Access
Description: This update is dedicated to bug fixes and continued implementation of 2.0 features, including in-game leaderboards.



  • Implemented new informational text for land claim animations
  • Added Citizen countdown timer to House info screen
  • Implemented leaderboards based on Crowns collected in battle
  • Modified pre-scout screen, replay, and play profile to include Crown resource numbers
  • Introduced a popup for missed outpost loot opportunities
  • Implemented system alert dialogue for deleting units from army
  • Implemented new 2.0 system alert dialogues throughout game
  • Implemented Eagle Token art in daily deals to replace placeholder icon
  • Implemented Citizen timer countdown on the House information screen
  • Implemented Card Dealer animation in tutorial to explain use of Calling Card
  • Implemented Freeze animation for units under the Freeze Spell effect
  • Implemented a ‘Coming Soon’ tab for Empire leaderboards

Updates – Introductions

  • Introduced Crystal Hammer requirement fanfares to replace mini-tutorials
  • Introduced new ‘Outpost Unlocked’ fanfare screen to replace the ‘Outpost Unlocked’ mini-tutorial
  • Added objective star animation to objectives screen when objectives are met
  • Introduced new tutorial hand image
  • Implemented ‘Card Upgradeable’ banner at all locations where a card can be collected, in addition to the Card Dealer screen

Updates – Modifications

  • Modified Citizen head icon to be more visible from collection bubble
  • Updated structure info screens to be more consistent
  • Removed old unit card border and modified card text to present up-to-date information
  • Modified non-unit cards to not have upgrade arrows
  • Updated alert icon appearance
  • Updated art for the Great Hall info and upgrade screens to include appropriate storage capacities
  • Removed ‘Unit Upgrade’ mini tutorial from overall tutorial
  • Updated the iOS app icons
  • Updated Troop Upgrade screen and stats to match V2 visuals


Known Bugs

  • Game does not always update after building/purchasing/leveling up. Restarting fixes this.
  • Lag on opening can cause all resources to show at zero. Restarting fixes this.
  • Discrepancy with Card Dealer countdown timer causes incorrect countdown time to show upon restarting.
  • Leaderboard loading causes noticeable lag upon entering and exiting the leaderboards menu.
  • Arrow pointing to the ‘X’ button on the Items screen persists after the tutorial ends. Restarting fixes this.
  • Objectives with numbers in the title are missing the ordinal indicator. Restarting fixes this.
  • Arrows point in the incorrect directions in the tutorial.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug where using spells in battle caused battle discrepancies, including lost resources, troop inconsistencies, and incorrect victory stars
  • Fixed a bug where old chest remained visible behind ‘Claim Reward’ button on the objectives screen
  • Fixed a bug where cost to upgrade section of buildings appeared empty when players do not meet the Great Hall requirements
  • Fixed grammatical errors present in the tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where certain structure titles showed incorrectly when highlighted 
  • Fixed a bug where the attacker’s resources would deplete during battle replay instead of the defender’s resources
  • Fixed a bug where the building purchase button showed green even if the player did not have enough resources
  • Fixed a bug where the citizen collection animation was not properly aligned on screen
  • Fixed a bug where the scaling and layout of the Ad Boost screen was incorrect
  • Fixed a bug where structure upgrade information was not showing appropriate building unlocks
  • Fixed a bug where Daily Deals resource amount font was too small to read
  • Fixed scaling issues in new building art
  • Fixed a bug where the text ‘Available Units’ overlapped the troop images in the replay video
  • Fixed a bug where troop card info screen read ‘Time to Build’ instead of ‘Time to Recruit’
  • Fixed a bug where outpost textures on map view did not match outpost rarity
  • Fixed a bug where the bucket of runes artwork showed incorrectly
  • Fixed a bug where the World button would not work while scouting if the player did not have enough gold to scout the next base
  • Fixed a bug where red alert popups were not functioning correctly
  • Fixed a bug where chests found on the map occasionally would freeze after opening
  • Fixed a bug where zero token ad watch cooldown timer was not appearing
  • Fixed a bug where Eagle Temple “Gift” button was using outdated art
  • Fixed a bug where chests would subtract resources before adding them back when resource bars are full
  • Fixed a bug where the resource bars would not visually increasing when collecting first chest in the tutorial
  • Fixed a bug where Victory Screen scaled incorrectly on larger devices
  • Fixed a bug where the boost function button on the Lumber Mill, Stone Quarry, and Great Hall would not update after the active timer ran out
  • Fixed a bug where the numerical increases for Citizen collection was not displaying correctly
  • Fixed a bug where the boost button would show as active even when an ad was not available
  • Fixed a bug where the loyalty reward popup only appeared after restarting the app
  • Fixed a bug where the Eagle Temple mini tutorial showed the incorrect art in the dialogue box
  • Fixed a bug where the text for the Eagle Temple ad watch screen was incorrect
  • Fixed a bug where the hand in the tutorial only appeared after finding the Barbarian Base or the Card Dealer
  • Fixed a bug where the objective complete banners appeared with “{0}” in the objective text
  • Fixed a bug where the shop icon was using outdated art in Map View
  • Fixed a bug where the chest ‘Card Upgradable’ banner wouldn’t go away when players exited out too quickly
  • Fixed a bug where Barbarian bases were displaying outdated art
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