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Release Notes – V2.8.22

Release Date: May 30, 2020
Version: 2.8.22
Description: This update is dedicated to bug fixes and continued implementation of 2.0 features.



  • Updated Card Dealer music
  • Updated layout of outpost takeover screen
  • Entire screen now interactable in tutorial 
  • Updated Elder Tree dialogue text
  • Player now automatically exits Card Dealer in tutorial after collecting card


Known Bugs

  • Objective rewards chest freezes and player is unable to collect rewards or progress to next objective group. Restarting allows player to progress to next group.
  • Loading screen sticks at 91.67% for extended periods of time.
  • Game does not always update after building/purchasing/leveling up. Restarting fixes this.
  • Lag on opening can cause all resources to show at zero. Restarting fixes this.
  • Discrepancy with Card Dealer countdown timer causes incorrect countdown time to show upon restarting.
  • Leaderboard loading causes noticeable lag upon entering and exiting the leaderboards menu.
  • Arrow pointing to the ‘X’ button on the Items screen persists after the tutorial ends. Restarting fixes this.
  • Objectives with numbers in the title are missing the ordinal indicator. Restarting fixes this.
  • Arrows point in the incorrect directions in the tutorial.
  • Rare bug causes player to get stuck on a blue screen after inputting a nickname.

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed a bug where the citizen collection screen was not displaying the citizen increase correctly
  • Fixed a bug where the event icon showed an alert notification when there were no events nearby
  • Fixed a bug where leaderboard data was misaligned on larger screens
  • Fixed a bug where repeatable objectives were missing a countdown timer
  • Fixed a bug where tutorial objectives arrow disappeared after the tutorial ends
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect error arose when attempting to upgrade troops in the Training Ground
  • Fixed a bug where all units appeared at level 99 regardless of actual level
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect red alert appeared during troop upgrade when required training ground level is not met
  • Fixed a bug where objectives whose value is greater than 0 but under the required value disappear from view before being completed
  • Fixed a bug where objectives completed icon was missing
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